Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Drive

Continental Express has the perfect gift ideas to give to Truck Driving Dads for Father’s Day.

Looking to find that perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad, the professional truck driver? Truck drivers are in a unique profession in which where they work, is also where they live. The truck is where drivers entertain themselves, complete their paperwork, eat meals and sleep. With this being said, the cab of a truck does not have a lot of room, so many drivers limit what they pack into the truck. Remember this when buying a gift for your semi-driving dad. Choose something that has purpose, value and can easily store in the cab of a semi. Fortunately, there are many great gifts for truck drivers that will not break the bank, have a sense of practicality and are beneficial to the trucker in your life!

If you are looking to find a gift to entertain your truck driver, there are many viable options. You can purchase a monthly subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or other media streaming services for your dad. This will allow him to watch movies and videos without having to store Blu-ray or DVDs in the truck. A tablet or iPad is another route that provides both entertainment and a connection to the outside world. If your dad is not techy type person, books can be a way to his heart. Find out what genre he likes to read find a series that will keep him occupied while out on the road.

Practical gifts are another great option for your dad this Father’s Day. While less expensive than those that entertain, practical gifts can truly be lifesavers. The thing with practical gifts is that you do not realize you need them, until you do! Electric blankets, shower kits, first aid kits, polarized sunglasses, work gloves, head lamps, cell phone mounts, maps, hand warmers, neck warmers, and gift certificates to his favorite restaurant are just a few of many great gifts for your dad.

Some fathers say they already have everything they need in their truck, so there is no need to get him a gift. What a typical dad response, right? For the dad who has everything, you can lean towards something sentimental. Imagine his face when he opens up a homemade story written and illustrated by his kids or grandkids. Think of his reaction when you buy him a model car kit for a 1969 Dodge Charger or a 1972 Plymouth Duster. Can you picture his response when he opens a set of personalized fishing lures, along with a promised fishing date the next time he gets home? Sentimental gifts can sometimes be the best kind!

No matter the gift, remember it is always the thought that counts. Make sure you thank him for all of his hard work out on the road and wish him the best Father’s Day ever!