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Why Essential Oils May Be Helpful To Truckers

Driving a semi-truck can be hard on your body and mind, and while there are medicinal ways to treat your ailments, another option is through the use of aromatherapy via essential oils.

CE Transportation Insider May 2020

Inside This Issue:
-COVID-19 Update
-Safety: Drowsy Driving
-Health & Wellness: Skin Cancer Awareness Month
-Employee birthdays, service announcements, new hires, driver of the month

Economy Got You Down? Consider a Career with Continental Express

The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy, and in times of uncertainty, professional drivers may find that hauling temperature-controlled freight has an array of benefits.

CE Transportation Insider April 2020

Inside This Issue:
-COVID-19 – Help Slow the Spread
-Safety: Following Distance
-Health & Wellness
-Employee Happenings

CE Transportation Insider March 2020

Update on COVID-19
7 Traits of an Excellent Truck Driver
March Is Colorectal Cancer Month
OTA Announces Top 12 Finalists

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Watch Where You Step

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