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CE Offers Largest Pay Increase Ever – Resulting in Best in Industry Pay!

Amidst one of the most trying and challenging years in recent history, Continental Express gives our over-the-road (OTR) driver employees an aggressive $0.03 cent per mile (cpm) wage increase.

HOS Rules Change

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published new HOS changes in May, and these long-awaited changes were finalized in September.

Catching Zzz’s and Trucking

While hours of service regulations are required to give truck drivers adequate hours to sleep, falling and staying asleep in a semi-truck is not easy for them.

Dog On Board!

Continental Express allows their company drivers to take their pet along in the truck as a hiring and retention incentive. There are many items you should consider before taking your dog on board.

Driving in Fog

Driving in the fog can be stressful for commercial truck drivers, and putting into practice safe driving strategies is a great way for drivers to demonstrate industry care to their peers.

Common Attributes of Successful Truck Drivers

Trucking is not a stress-free industry and professional truck drivers find it helpful to not only learn to cope with daily stresses, but to also learn how to adapt to the industry, creating their own attributes to make them successful in their career choice.

CEI Transportation Insider July 2020

Inside This Issue:
– COVID-19 Update
– Safety: Inspection Ready
– Health & Wellness: Stay Hydrated
– National Ice Cream Month
– Employee birthdays, service announcements, new hires, Driver of the month

Red, White and Continental Blue

The Fourth of July is one of most traveled holidays of the summer months, and in honor of both the… Read more »

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Drive

Continental Express has the perfect gift ideas to give to Truck Driving Dads for Father’s Day. Looking to find that… Read more »

CE Transportation Insider June 2020

Inside This Issue:
-Congrats to our Graduates!
-Safety: Summer Driving Tips
-Health & Wellness: Celebrate National Dairy Month
-Employee birthdays, Service Announcements, New Hires, Driver of the Month

Why Essential Oils May Be Helpful To Truckers

Driving a semi-truck can be hard on your body and mind, and while there are medicinal ways to treat your ailments, another option is through the use of aromatherapy via essential oils.

CE Transportation Insider May 2020

Inside This Issue:
-COVID-19 Update
-Safety: Drowsy Driving
-Health & Wellness: Skin Cancer Awareness Month
-Employee birthdays, service announcements, new hires, driver of the month

Economy Got You Down? Consider a Career with Continental Express

The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy, and in times of uncertainty, professional drivers may find that hauling temperature-controlled freight has an array of benefits.

CE Transportation Insider April 2020

Inside This Issue:
-COVID-19 – Help Slow the Spread
-Safety: Following Distance
-Health & Wellness
-Employee Happenings

CE Transportation Insider March 2020

Update on COVID-19
7 Traits of an Excellent Truck Driver
March Is Colorectal Cancer Month
OTA Announces Top 12 Finalists

How Truck Drivers Are Unifying America in Light of the Corona Virus

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What Does Driving #ContinentalBlue Mean to Continental Express Drivers?

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Is Team Driving Right for You?

Team Driving You have your CDL-A and a friend asks if you would like run as a team driver.  You… Read more »

Trip Planning = $$$

How much money you can make as a professional driver is directly related to how well you manage your time…. Read more »

Watch Where You Step

“Don’t step on a crack, or you’ll break your mother’s back!” This is a saying that may bring back memories… Read more »


Many times when a driver starts to feel tired, they turn up the radio or roll down the windows.  While… Read more »


At times, drivers can slowly develop habits or thought patterns that hinder their growth as a professional.  An example of… Read more »

Driving In Icy Conditions

Winter driving brings plenty of challenges, but perhaps the most difficult to deal with is driving on ice. If freezing… Read more »

ELD’s Are Here, Are You Ready?

The time is quickly approaching for the new Federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate.  By December 19, 2019, all Continental… Read more »

Trucking 101: Stress Management

Stress management is a necessary quality of a great truck driver. Learning how to deal with stress, however, is not… Read more »


As it always happens, summer has passed too quickly and school is back in session.  Thus, 56 million children across… Read more »

Obtaining Your CDL-A

Getting your CDL-A is a huge accomplishment and a significant step to furthering your driving career.  However, there are many… Read more »

Trucking – Better Suited For Women Now More Than Ever

The trucking industry has changed over the years and has become a more accommodating career path for women, which offers women a profession to be proud of, and one that is greatly admired.

Driving in the Rain

Driving a semi-truck can often times be emotionally and physically taxing to even the best of drivers.  One of the… Read more »

Is There An App For That?

New technology has drastically changed the trucking industry over the past decade. Slowly, old technologies such as maps & CB… Read more »

Making Food On The Road Less Expensive

Let’s face it, constantly eating out can not only get old, but the costs of eating out can add up… Read more »

Dispose of the Distractions

How many times a day are we bombarded with various types of distractions? We are constantly being fed information by… Read more »

Healthy Eating on the Road

The road to health can be a difficult one for professional drivers.  Not only can they spend close to 130… Read more »

Summer Driving

Ballpark franks, popsicles, lemonade and backyard cookouts are all good signs of the summer season.  On the other hand, road… Read more »

Managing Road Rage

Professional drivers have many frustrations associated with their profession.  One of which is the consistent barrage of other cars and… Read more »

The Art of Getting Adequate Rest

When a person obtains their CDL, that is only the tip of the iceberg concerning their career as a professional… Read more »

Driving Through the Mess That Is: Construction

Highway work zones are dangerous for all highway travelers but are particularly difficult for trucks, with narrowed, shifting lanes, reduced… Read more »

Welcome Back, Spring

It is finally that time of year that we all have been eagerly awaiting, spring. When heading out, instead of… Read more »

Why Become a Truck Driver?

There are certain aspects of the trucking industry that attract certain kinds of people. It is not a profession that… Read more »