Nestlé Partners with Continental Express to Drive Sustainable Trucking: Launching All-Electric Spotter Truck in Jonesboro

In a significant leap towards achieving their net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal, global food giant Nestlé has joined forces with Continental Express, Inc. to introduce an all-electric spotter truck at their Jonesboro, Arkansas operation. This milestone marks a strategic move in Nestlé’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Continental Express and Nestlé Partnership:

Continental Express has been a key partner for Nestlé’s Jonesboro facility for over eight years, providing crucial yard management services for a variety of frozen food brands, including Stouffer’s®, Lean Cuisine®, DiGiorno®, Tombstone®, and Hot Pockets®. The collaboration extends beyond routine services, as Continental Express actively works with Nestlé to implement innovative solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Green Grant Initiative:

Continental Express secured its Orange EV truck through the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality’s Go RED! grant program, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships in driving sustainable initiatives. This grant initiative not only enabled the acquisition of the all-electric spotter truck but also facilitated the establishment of an on-site electric charging station.

A Pioneering Philosophy:

“Our philosophy is ‘Driving the Future, One Mile at a Time,’ meaning we’re looking to innovate the trucking industry while still closely tending to the details of every driver, every truck and every mile,” said Bradley Gottemoeller, Continental Express Vice President. “Nestle is committed to sustainability, and we are excited to support and partner with them to continue taking steps to ‘Driving a Cleaner Future’.”

Environmental Impact:

The introduction of the electric spotter truck is expected to yield substantial environmental benefits. The Arkansas-based truck alone is projected to reduce annual CO2 emissions by an impressive 58.5 tons. Additionally, it will save 7.75 tons of NOx emissions and 3.89 tons of carbon monoxide emissions over a ten-year period. These statistics underscore the positive impact of transitioning from traditional diesel-powered vehicles to electric alternatives.

Future Plans and Expansion:

While celebrating the launch of the electric spotter truck in Jonesboro, both companies are already exploring plans to expand the fleet of electric trucks not only in Jonesboro but also in other facilities serviced by Continental Express, including Nestlé’s Fort Worth location. The collective vision is to continue contributing to a more sustainable future by incorporating electric vehicles into their distribution network.

Operational Efficiency and Growth:

With two Continental yard tractors operating 24 hours a day at Nestlé’s Jonesboro facility, the introduction of the electric spotter truck is poised to replace an existing diesel-powered tractor, further optimizing operational efficiency. The on-site electric charging station will facilitate ‘opportunity charging,’ ensuring the tractor’s battery is replenished during short breaks between trailer moves. This strategic approach aligns with Nestlé’s commitment to innovation and growth.

Nestlé and Continental Express’s collaboration in launching an all-electric spotter truck in Jonesboro reflects a shared commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and innovation. As the companies actively explore avenues to expand their electric fleet, this partnership serves as a beacon for the trucking industry, signaling the potential for a cleaner, greener future—one mile at a time.