Economy Got You Down? Consider a Career with Continental Express

Think about it. Is there anything that does not move by a truck? Not much! As we go through times of uncertainty, it is evident that truck drivers are essential to the economy now more than ever. People need consumable goods even during desperate times. So, while people worry about the effects the COVID-19 virus has had or may still have on their current jobs, a career in trucking is one that should be considered.

During times of uncertainty, the trucking industry is often hit less hard than many other industries and is usually one of the first to recover when the economy heals.  As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many people are out of work.  The impact on those people and their families can be tremendous.  Fortunately, for current commercial drivers and those seeking a new career, the trucking industry, particularly refrigerated and grocery carriers, still have employment opportunities available.  This is not to say that flatbed, auto haulers, and construction carriers don’t get hit, but those hauling certain commodities and food-products tend to hang in there the best during the tough times.

Continental Express primarily hauls temperature-controlled freight.  This means we mainly haul perishable food- and everyone needs to eat, regardless of the state of the economy! That food also has a need to get to the grocery store shelves, regardless of the state of the economy!  If you are working for a carrier in an industry that has been significantly affected by the downturn in our current economy or if you are in a career that does not have a bright future, consider a career with us! Just get in touch via email with your resume. We usually require all candidates to apply properly, so we can make sure our employees are reliable and trustworthy. Some candidates have previously sought resume writing help from those at This ensures that their resume is well-written and helps the candidate to stand out. Resumes give us a good idea of who we’re hiring, so make sure to send a good one.

Continental Express is one of the United States’ largest and most successful refrigerated carriers.  While we are still considered a mid-sized carrier overall, we are big enough to maintain a strong network of freight, new equipment and leading technology. We are also small enough to provide the detail, support and personal touch that each of our drivers deserve.

We offer professional drivers a variety of fleet and home time options including regional, dedicated, local and team positions.  We also offer a variety of pay packages, great benefits, training options and so much more.  For more information call 800-497-2100 or visit

We want to continue to salute all drivers who are working day-in and day-out to keep the supply chain in this country afloat during this difficult time.  When times are tough, truck drivers can be proud because they keep doing what they do best- DRIVING FORWARD!

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