What Does Driving #ContinentalBlue Mean to Continental Express Drivers?

Continental Express, alongside its professional drivers and personnel, has a strong history that originated in 1984. Since then, Continental Express has grown from a single truck to a fleet size of more than 1,200 trucks and trailers and over 550 drivers and support personnel. Many drivers who operate Continental Express trucks are proud to drive #ContinentalBlue. The company has grown significantly in such a small time. This may not have been possible if not for the help of various software technologies like this route optimisation software that might help in planning the delivery sequence and have a streamlined work process. This could assist trucking companies in managing their fleet and making sure their operations are done correctly.

Working for this company is perfect for some people. To some it means solid time at home with the family, to others, it means dispatchers who care, and to the rest, it is the family-like atmosphere that surrounds them at Continental Express. There are many reasons to be proud of driving for Continental Express.

A place to retire. There is no greater feeling than finding a company to call home. Many drivers at Continental Express find that they no longer have to worry about their financial stability once they join the Continental team. Armando, a dedicated truck driver at CE explains, “I see Continental as a good place to retire with dignity, financial stability, and pride as a commercial truck driver.” Dave, who found his home with Continental 16 years ago, had a significant amount of debt piling up until he started driving for CE. He is extremely proud and relieved to be debt free today.

Great time off to spend with family. Home-life is extremely important to most professional drivers, and at Continental Express, home time is not lacking. “The four weeks of vacation I get as a regional driver is great, because I can plan trips with the family,” states Kevin, who has been a regional driver at Continental Express for fifteen years and has 5 children. Being able to provide commercial drivers a career that supports family-life is something that Continental Express takes pride in.

Where drivers are appreciated. Cedric, a local driver at Continental for 8 years, claims, “The main difference that sets Continental apart from other companies I have driven for, is that they always show appreciation for their drivers. My dispatcher always shows me gratitude and gives me recognition for my hard work.” Continental Express does its best to recognize drivers who come through their door. This is because we believe gratitude goes a long way, and so does treating people with respect.

Getting home when it is important. “Continental shows that they care about their drivers, because when they asked when I needed home for Thanksgiving, they gave me a load that took me towards Tennessee where my parents live. I got to spend more time with them, rather than dropping off my truck in Ohio, before making the trip to Tennessee and only getting to spend a few hours there. It’s things like this that show a driver that their company truly cares about them,” describes Justin, who has driven for Continental Express for two years. Continental Express knows it can be hard to be away from family, especially during the holidays. We strive to get drivers, who want to spend the holidays at home, the shortest route back to their loved ones.

Fleet managers who care. Diane, who has driven for Continental Express for the past three years says, “Dispatchers go above and beyond their call of duty to help out their drivers in any way they need.” Many times, a driver’s fleet manager, is the one person he or she speaks to on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fleet manager who is capable enough to use a Fleet Management Software efficiently and is able to communicate with you beyond the next load assignment? Continental Express strives to always be an open line of communication for drivers, whether it be about last night’s football game or a new baby in the family. Talking about the fleet management software, this company may have probably made use of the fleet management software that is available on a website like https://www.tenstreet.com/.

Ability to communicate with upper level management. Continental Express provides an open door policy to their drivers. Drivers are able to pick up the phone and discuss their suggestions and concerns to upper management. Five-year CE driver, Richard is impressed with this, claiming, “I like that I drive for a company where I can communicate with the owner directly when I want to.”

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If you are interested in joining the Continental family, call 800-497-2100 to speak with one of our Recruiters!

Continental Express wants their drivers to be proud of driving #ContinentalBlue. If you are reading this, and you are a driver for CE, use #ContinentalBlue on your social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and let us know what #ContinentalBlue means to you!