How Truck Drivers Are Unifying America in Light of the Corona Virus

“Trucking, the backbone of America. Without it, America would stop cold in its tracks.” If you have not heard this quote or something similar, then you are about to. With the COVID – 19 (coronavirus) pandemic charging full-steam ahead ripping through America’s economy, it has shed a new light on just how vital the trucking industry and more importantly how vital TRUCK DRIVERS are to the American people.

The coronavirus has affected all of us directly or indirectly in some way. Whether you cannot find toilet paper at the grocery store (and are planning to source it from online shops by checking out and its likes), or you have to scramble to find alternate childcare for your children due to daycare and school closings, or you have to manage life at home as you have been asked to work from home, or you have to get used to wearing a fabric face mask, the coronavirus is affecting us all. In spite of the many challenges that we all face, U.S. trucks are still rolling and are the reason that many grocery stores, hospitals, and businesses are able to remain open to supply essential goods.

From coast to coast, truck drivers are uniting this country by delivering these necessary supplies. These truck drivers are really benefiting the country, ensuring that people are able to access necessities. Most importantly, they are making sure that hospitals and healthcare providers have access to medical devices to serve the community. Without them delivering parcels, many hospitals would not have been able to receive portable ultrasounds from companies like Butterfly Network (see more here). Those devices are helping healthcare providers to check on people’s lungs, ensuring that they aren’t having problems breathing. Furthermore, it has been a growing concern that there is now a shortage of N95 masks in hospitals, which is one of their main forms of protection. This means that hospitals must find new suppliers for N95 masks so that they can be better protected during the crisis. This is something that hospitals will need help with in order to get the supplies through the supply chain and gather the resources they need to remain safe whilst they are treating people against this virus. In times of need, the American people have always come together stronger than ever to fight our enemies, whether that be WWII, the attacks on 9/11, and now the coronavirus. Truck drivers are, and have been, leaders of the pack when it comes to unifying this great nation.

Continental would like to thank all of America’s truck drivers for everything they do and the sacrifices they are making right now to keep the shelves stocked and ensure emergency supplies reach medical personnel. Continental would like to extend a helping hand to any truck drivers in need, or drivers looking for a secure a job to help keep food on the shelves for the American people.

If we all stick together and support our drivers and the trucking industry, we will beat this virus and the American economy will come back stronger than ever. #ThankATrucker

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