Dog On Board!

dog in truck

Continental Express allows their company drivers to take their pet along in the truck as a hiring and retention incentive. To a driver seeking employment, Continental Express’ willingness to allow pets on board, can be a deciding factor on whether to join. See below to see a broad discussion of CE’s pet policy and thoughts as to whether bringing a pet in the truck best for you.

There are many items you need to think about before taking your dog with you. For example, a small sized dog certainly makes more sense as a travelling companion. Just being able to hoist Fido up and down from the truck takes much of the fuss away from that process. Less food to buy and store, and less bunk room is taken up are also plusses. As far as security goes, a loud voice goes a long way. The racket from a small dog dissuades unwanted attention just as much as the racket from a large dog. As most dogs will become very protective of their environment, any misplaced aggression can be mitigated by size. A Chihuahua attack on a passerby would undoubtedly cause less havoc than that of a Rottweiler. Partly because of the reason above, Continental Express does put restrictions on allowable pets: Continental Express’ pet policy requires that your pet, must be under 50lbs and a pet is classified as either a dog or cat.

If you decide to bring a pet along with you in the semi, be sure to consider the extra work that might be added to your already stressful career. For example, where is the dog going to sleep, and where are you going to store his food? You could buy a high anxiety dog crate for when you are not able to be in the truck with the dog. This will give you peace of mind that the interior of the truck will be safe when you are not there. This might also help the dogs with managing their stress. A Bobby Bed is also a good way to keep your furry companion relaxed while you are away. Always have extra leashes along in case you lose or break one. Will there be a place for your dog to do his business when you reach customer lots or rest stops? Will they be stressed out? If so, you may want to get them some CBD treats you can buy here to help them calm down. Also, dogs need plenty of exercise. Will you have enough time in your day to allow your dog time to walk?

Continental Express employs company drivers, so the cleanliness and condition of the truck is on you. Remember, if your dog is not hypoallergenic, make sure you bring a small vacuum along with other cleaning supplies. CE’s pet policy requires a $500 pet fee, which is partially refundable, depending on the condition of the truck at the end of a driver’s employment. If you want to bring your pet along at CE, your pet will also be required to have a proven wellness record and not have any history of aggressive behavior. This means the driver will be held fully responsible for any damage that the pet causes to the truck or any other persons or property.

There can be many benefits to taking your dog along with you while you travel the highways. Simply petting your dog can lower your stress and reduce both your heart rate and anxiety levels. Let’s face it, driving trucks can sometimes leave you feeling isolated and alone. Having a pet by your side can help negate that lonely feeling and may help you have a more positive outlook on life. Having a pet on board will also help get you out of the truck and moving, improving your overall health.

A “right” dog or pet on board can be a huge factor in the well-being of a professional driver. Size and temperament can be the make or break of the best pet. Plan ahead if you are bringing a pet along, and make sure the pet is prepared to go along as well. You could even consider a dog or cat insurance prior to their travel to get a proper wellness plan in place for them, and have proper medications and diagnostics done well beforehand.

If you are interested in joining Continental Express, and you may be interested in bringing along a furry friend, please give a recruiter a call today to discuss CE’s pet policy in more detail! 800-497-2100