May is National Mental Health Awareness, Military Appreciation Month

On the last Monday of May (May 30th, 2022), the United States annually recognizes Memorial Day. The day serves to remember and honor the lives of the brave men and women who gave their lives for the freedom of our country. The day of recognition has long been celebrated and became an official federal holiday in 1971, with an act passed by Congress.  In addition to Memorial Day, the entire month of May is recognized as National Military Appreciation Month.

Continental Express wants to thank all veterans and current military for their sacrifices. Our freedoms would not exist were it not for our service members. 

May is also National Mental Health Awareness Month. This recognition is meant to bring Americans awareness to mental health challenges and promote treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health challenges and disorders.

The coinciding celebrations are the basis of non-profit, Mission 22. The “mission” of Mission 22 is to support veterans and raise awareness for their mental health struggles. Beyond raising awareness, Mission 22 offers a variety of programs free of cost to veterans and their families. Programs range from equine programs to fitness classes like CrossFit and a 28 day self-guided program for wellness.

Mission 22

The “22” of Mission 22 represents the alarming rate which veterans took their lives in 2012 – a reported 22 men and women succumbed to their mental health challenges and committed suicide a day. More up-to-date statistics are not much brighter–6,261 veterans took their lives in 2019.

In support of the mission, of military appreciation, of mental health awareness, and the many veterans employed at Continental Express, CE recently partnered with Mission 22 on our latest truck in our Fleet of Heroes. Our truck is proudly driven by OTR driver, Jason Robison, and is scheduled to attend various community events to help spread the message.

Interested in getting involved with Mission 22? To donate to one of these programs or learn more about the mission, head to or find them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.