Why Become a Truck Driver?

Continental Express truck

There are certain aspects of the trucking industry that attract certain kinds of people. It is not a profession that is for everyone, but there are lots that are born to be a trucker and love the job. So what are some reasons to become a truck driver?

Job Availability/Security – Professional truck driver positions are in high demand. Goods will always need to be transferred from one place to another. The profession is not going away any time soon.

Money – Most truck drivers start out at a good starting salary as long as they are willing to work. The longer you stay in the industry the more opportunity there is for salary increase, and receive different kinds of bonuses, such as tenure, safe driving, and more.

Easy to Earn a Class A CDL – Depending on when and where a class A CDL and training can be complete in several weeks or a few months. It hardly takes any time at all to become certified, which is good for people who want to start making some money NOW.

Working on Your Own – Having the freedom to be all by yourself during the work day, and not having to deal with lots of people each day is something that a lot of people enjoy about trucking. Most enjoy the independence and the peace and quiet.

Opportunities for Travel – People who are eager to travel tend to like the trucking industry. You can get paid to travel across America and see different places that most people might not get to explore in a life time.

There are numerous things that make truck driving appealing to a certain person. Look into the industry and see if it is for you. There is very high demand for truck drivers!  

Please also note that Continental Express has an excellent training program.  If you can obtain your CDL we would love to consider adding you to our team!