Welcome Back, Spring

Continental Express American flag truck

It is finally that time of year that we all have been eagerly awaiting, spring. When heading out, instead of grabbing your hats and gloves and bundling up like a marshmallow where you can barley move.  

“I can’t put my arms down!”
– Randy from A Christmas Story

you instead will be trucking down those back country roads with your windows down listening to Kid Rock’s, “All Summer Longwith your shades on. Beware, you might even witness a few of those grumpy men at truck stops with a small smirk on their faces hearing the birds chirp when heading in to grab their cup of Joe.

Continental Express driver

But not everything about spring is all sunshine and rainbows. With spring, comes rainy weather, which can make for difficult driving conditions. Being a truck driver, you know just how nasty these spring storms can get and why it’s so important to practice safe driving.  

At Continental Express, safety is our number 1 priority. The next time you find yourself upon a rain storm, practice these wet weather diving tips to keep yourself and those driving on the road around you safe as well.

Increase Following Distance

As obvious as this may seem, following this rule of thumb can save you and others around you from a tragic accident. Continental Express suggests a 4 second following distance at all times when driving. It is required to increase this following distance in poor weather conditions, such as rain. It is suggested to increase it by 1 second when it’s a light drizzle to normal rain, add an additional second if it’s a heavy rain, and another additional second if you are diving at nighttime when it’s raining. Doing this, will give you more time to react if the driver in font of you brakes suddenly.

Check Your Tires

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Having correct tire pressure is critical in your tire’s ability to maintain traction. Constantly driving with an underinflated tire by 20 percent will decrease tread life of the tire by 30 percent.  Continental Express recommends your steer tire pressure along with your drive and trailer tires to be at 100psi. Make sure to check your tire pressure during each pre-trip inspection.

Brake Softly and Brake Early

The water on the road decreases friction making it more difficult to brake. Therefore, during rainy weather you will need to brake earlier in order to stop on time. If a trucker doesn’t perform this correctly, it could result in jackknifing your truck and trailer. You can avoid jackknifing by breaking gradually.  

Now that spring is in full swing, treat yourself to a chocolate swirled ice cream cone, with sprinkles of course, at your favorite ice cream parlor. Drive with the windows down and take time to smell the sweet aroma of tulips around you (or was that fair food that we smell) before the “W” word comes around again (winter).

*For more safety tips feel free to call Continental Express’ Safety Department at 800-497-2100.

* If you are interested in driving opportunities with Continental Express, call to speak with a Recruiter at 800-497-2100.