Is There An App For That?

New technology has drastically changed the trucking industry over the past decade. Slowly, old technologies such as maps & CB radios have been replaced by more high tech items such as cell phones, tablets & GPS units. These new technologies have introduced commercial truck drivers to an array of options and capabilities that greatly impact their day to day lives. While some of these apps became popular through traditional word of mouth, others took a more savvy, mobile performance advertising approach. By using the expertise of AdAction like marketing firms, they were able to get the drivers’ community acquainted with the utilitarian aspects of these apps. As such, drivers are now using apps on their phones to communicate with their families, check local weather, find truck stops & rest areas, find the best price on fuel, budget their expenses, and even stay healthy! In this article, we will explore some apps that many truckers find useful in both their workday and their personal life.

Apps That Can Make Trucking Less Stressful

Trucker Path Pro – This app is considered one of the most popular and most featured apps in the industry. It identifies nearby weigh stations, gives updates on parking availability, locates truck stops, hotels, truck washes, and rest areas almost anywhere in the country.

GasBuddy – This free app relies on its community of users to give up-to-date diesel prices (that also tend to include red diesel price) and information on thousands of fuel stations. GasBuddy can find the cheapest fuel, locate nearby fueling stations and sort them by fuel prices. In addition, the user can see different amenities each truck stop or fuel station offers and rate them against their competitors.

FleetSafer Mobile – For drivers that have trouble resisting the urge to text, email, or browse the web while driving, FleetSafer Mobile is for you. With this app, drivers can block text messages and emails while driving, thereby removing their ability to look at their phone while driving. Another great feature the app provides is the ability to create an automatic response when you are not available to take a text message or call, such as, “I’m Driving.”

Weather Channel App – This app is one of the best in the world at providing the most up-to-date weather conditions for any location at any time. This app is a reliable source of current, future, and average temperatures, weather conditions, live radar, and location specific weather notifications. If you are looking for an app to keep you dialed in and up to date on what Mother Nature has in store, try the Weather Channel app.

iExit Interstate – iExit uses the GPS location tracker of the smartphone to alert drivers when the next exit is coming up. Like many apps, iExit also tells commercial drivers what types of services are located at the exit; for example, restaurants, WIFI, truck parking, hotels, fuel stations, & many more.

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Apps that Help Drivers Stay Connected

Skype – There will be times where you have to be away from friends and family for an extended period of time. Video chat anyone from anywhere using Skype. Always use while parked and not while driving!

MyFitnessPal – This is a free online calorie counter and diet plan creator. Drivers can use this app as a tool to maintain or lose weight by tracking their caloric intake. The app also has special features that help calculate water intake, monitor sodium intake & more. Amazingly, MyFitnessPal has nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods!

Mint – Mint is an online budget tracker. It can help users manage their bank accounts, bills, credit cards, and even savings accounts. This app helps users track their spending and plan for future expenses.

SiriusXM – SiriusXM now has an app! Login to your account and you can listen to music, sports, comedy, news, and many more. This is perfect for the trucker who likes to listen to various radio stations & genres and is great at keeping a driver audibly entertained on long drives. In fact, it’s becoming so popular that this platform now offers a service for businesses, allowing their customers access to this station whilst going about their shopping. This resource here has more information.

LiveHealth Online (Anthem Sponsored) – Using LiveHealth Online, you can have a private and secure video visit with a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist on your smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. It’s an easy way to get the care you need at home or on the go!

As you can see, there are countless apps that can be useful to truckers, as well as companies that hire their services, and you can check sites like KubaDownload to see if there are any reviews for apps you may be interested in before downloading to ensure it’s going to be useful or beneficial to you while on the road. However, while technology is beneficial, apps can also be a distraction. Never use your cellphone improperly or unsafely while behind the wheel. Always practice safe driving techniques and return home safe!

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