Driving Through the Mess of Construction

Continental Express truck fleet

Highway work zones are dangerous for all highway travelers but are particularly difficult for trucks, with narrowed, shifting lanes, reduced speeds and last-second merging by other vehicles. There are several ways that will help drivers make it through the chaos safe and sound:

Pay Attention to Signs

Signs are the major indicators of where and how traffic will be changing. Negligence of the signs can lead to accidents or even violations in some instances.

Keep a Safe Distance

Always keep a safe distance between you and any vehicle ahead. There are two things you should pay attention to; the taillights of vehicles in front of you and the flow of the traffic ahead. Keep an eye on potentially slowed or stopped traffic up ahead. Focusing on doing both is important in construction zones.

Obey the Reduced Speed

Slowing down is more hostile when you are moving faster. Going a little bit below the reduced speed limit or the flow of traffic is the safest way to guard against sudden stops in traffic.

Merge safely and early

When lane changes are required, move into the open lane at your earliest, safe opportunity. But watch your “blind spots,” as other vehicles may speed up to get in front of you.

Give Signals to Others

Truck drivers sit higher up than anyone on the road and are the first to see stopped or slowed traffic. Signal your hazard lights if any hazardous traffic conditions are spotted. This may save yourself or others from a potential accident.

Be Patient

Construction is just a sign that roadways are improving. The workers are just doing their job for the better good of everyone traveling the roadways.