5 Tips for National Work Zone Awareness Week

The weather is finally warming up! While we’ve been looking forward to saying goodbye to the snow and ice for another year, safety is all but at bay.

Spring time means construction zones and crews will be popping up all over the country. Here are five safety reminders for National Work Zone Awareness Week!


Pay Attention to Signs

Staying alert in construction zones is key. While watching speed and traffic, make note of the signs indicating where and how traffic will change.

Keep a Safe Distance

It’s always important to keep a safe following distance – construction zones are no different. The FMCSA recommends a distance of 1 second for each 10 feet of vehicle length.

Obey the Reduced Speed

Sudden stops are common to construction zones. Driving slightly beneath the reduced limit is the safest way to prepare for those stops.

Merge safely and early

When required, make a point to change to an open lane as early and safe as possible. Other vehicles merging may be hanging in your blind spots, so be aware.

Be Patient

Patience is always easier said than done – but keep in mind construction is a sign our roadways are improving!