We take pride in continuously providing our associates and customers with state-of-the-art technology.  Safety, communication, and efficiency are the cornerstones of customer services at Continental Express.  Our advanced technology initiative has increased our communication capabilities, safety record and has ultimately allowed us to exceed customer expectations.

Communication, Safety and Efficiency Result In Superior Customer Service at CE

  • We utilize an EDI system that allows for total customer integration solutions.  EDI has made our business solutions extremely efficient.
  • We utilize Omnitracs? Satellite communication devices in all of our company equipment.  This allows us to track our drivers? location minute-by-minute.  This system also provides us with the ability to safely communicate real-time with our drivers.
  • We utilize Mobileye? collision prevention technology in many of our company tractors.  This sophisticated technology is a third-eye that helps prevent traffic accidents.
  • Our professional drivers are also provided with a GPS map and direction system.  This allows drivers to travel more safely and efficiently without the next to constantly stop and call for directions.
  • Our professional drivers are also provided with the ability to participate in our E-Logs program, which allows drivers to more efficiently and safely maintain their logs.
  • Our trailers are equipped with StarTrak?s ReeferTrak? wireless satellite system that allows us to monitor each refrigerated trailer?s environment.  With this system we can provide:
    • GPS location of the trailer.
    • Full reefer unit monitoring including door sensors, all alarms, reefer operational status and any changes.
    • Complete two-way remote configuration of the reefer (temperature) controller.  We can monitor and control the temperature of our trailers remotely!
    • Comprehensive fuel monitoring capable of detecting rapid fuel loss, fuel usage and refuel events
    • On-board geo fencing to manage arrivals, departures and trailer dwell times.

This state-of-the-art technology allows us to control each aspect of the trailer and reefer environment remotely.  We can ensure that your temperature-sensitive product will be delivered in its ideal condition.

We Truly Are An Expert In The Refrigerated Logistics Industry!

 All of these systems are integrated through a live stream that filters directly into our logistics system. This helps us provide 100% satisfaction and customer service for our customer?s refrigeration needs.

Whether you are looking for dedicated customer service from a dependable and reputable carrier, a serious price quote with a competitive rate, or excellent employment opportunities from a constantly growing company, you are sure to be pleased when choosing Continental Express.

Each of these is integrated through live feed directly into our logistics system. In all, we can monitor each aspect of the trailer and reefer unit and control the entire environment remotely.